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Hiking in Valle de Cocora

The Valley of Cocora. A beautiful pocket of paradise deep in the mountains, full of majestic wax palms, cloud forests, and ever-changing light. My second visit here was when two friends came to visit from the UK. We took my boyfriends uncle’s land rover and drove hanging off the back through Salento and into the… Continue reading Hiking in Valle de Cocora

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On Bandeja Paisa and other Gastronomies

Lunch, or Almuerzo, in Colombia is a full scale event. At any regular restaurant you will be served a meal of soup to start, a main of rice, beans, plantain, avocado and  meat, alongside a fresh fruit juice or Mazamorra. I’ve gotten used to the sheer size of these meals but man am I still… Continue reading On Bandeja Paisa and other Gastronomies

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El Eje Cafetero, Colombia

I live in the Coffee region and, luckily, I like coffee. Since moving here I have definitely upped my consumption. Though people do drink a lot of coffee here, it is served in tiny little cups, and you therefore get about one third of the coffee you would in a regular English cup. So three… Continue reading El Eje Cafetero, Colombia

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Aguapanela con Queso

Colombians love their cheese, I think I mentioned this before. The most popular type is a fresh white cheese sometimes called campesino, made from the curds of cows milk. It tastes creamy, a bit salty, almost like mozzarella. Colombians use it in EVERYTHING. With cheese the wild and wonderful flavour combinations are endless. I’ve had… Continue reading Aguapanela con Queso